About Us

About Positive Barta: A teamwork initiative of Enthusiastic people using Social Media Platforms

Positive Barta is a beacon of hope in a world often saturated with negativity. We are a A teamwork initiative of Enthusiastic people using Social Media Platforms who leverage the power of social media to promote positive change and sustainable social development.

Our mission is to combat the constant bombardment of negative news, misinformation, and negativity online. We believe that by amplifying positive news, development issues, and progressive messages, we can inspire and empower young people to build a better future.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • United Social Media Influencers and YouTubers: We bring together passionate social media influencers and YouTubers to create a powerful network for positive change.
  • Focus on West Bengal and Beyond: We strive to be a leading news network in West Bengal, but our reach extends beyond state borders. We aim to inspire positive action across India and beyond.
  • Digital Platform: Positive Barta Bangla: We have our own YouTube channel, Positive Barta Bangla (YouTube: [link to Positive Barta Bangla YouTube channel]), where we share inspiring stories, development updates, and progressive messages.
  • Open to Collaboration: We welcome contributions from anyone who shares our vision! Share reports, photos, and videos showcasing positive developments, schemes, and activities in your community.

Join us in making a difference!